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About us

Borough Emporium is Borough Kings' very own shop if you aren't familiar with what Borough Kings is then you can find out here:

Borough Emporium sells Borough Kings branded merchandise as well as other clothes and apparel which is Borough Emporium's main focus right now. Eventually Borough Emporium will expand from a shop into a full blown marketplace and will be the go to place for everyone.

Borough Kings launched on Chinese New Year February 8, 2016. We are fairly new, but we are growing at a nice rate.

Borough Emporium launched on the July 7, 2016 we are fairly new, but we will provide the most valuable quality based material there is, and gain the ranks in the eCommerce world.

Borough Kings Social Media:


Instagram: @boroughkings



Twitter: @boroughking

Founder’s Social Media:

Below are also a few links if you would like to add the founder (yours truly) of Borough Kings

Instagram: @jmafw

Twitter: @jmafw


Snapchat: jmafw



If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to shoot an email to Contact info is also down below with some of the social links.


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